iPad 2 Jailbreak In Jeopardy, Limera1n And SHAtter Exploits Patched By Apple!

iPad 2 is now available for online order and also in Stores and many users who got their hands on this Apple tablet are already looking forward to jailbreak it on iOS 4.3 so they get to install their favorite Cydia apps. For all those wondering if any of the current jailbreak tools such as GreenPois0n RC6 or Redsn0w can jailbreak your iPad 2, then here is a bit of disappointing news.

Can Limera1n Jailbreak iPad 2?

Limera1n, a bootrom exploit found by Geohot and used in all the current jailbreak tools has been patched by Apple. This is what both iH8sn0w and Musclenerd have to say about the possibility of using Limera1n to jailbreak iPad 2.

MuscleNerd: iPad2 bootrom version iBoot-838.3 means it was compiled March’10. Seems geohot guessed right: limera1n was already closed


iH8sn0w: Confirmed: limera1n is patched in iPad 2.


What About SHAtter?

SHAtter is another boot level exploit which was successfully shown to jailbreak iPad. However it looks like Apple has closed this exploit too.

According to MuscleNerd early testing shows that the “thing” that SHAtter depends on is no longer existing, which means SHAtter is gone!

Early testing also seems to show at least one thing SHAtter depends on was gone by March 2010 too 🙁


In reply to a follower who asked if this means that SHAtter itself is gone, MuscleNerd replied:

@fr0st SHAtter can’t work at all with the “thing” I referred to gone


Earlier there was a fight amongst iPhone hackers regarding the leaking of SHAtter.

What Other Possibility To Jailbreak iPad 2?

Both Limera1n and SHAtter are boot level exploits. This means that Apple has done a hardware change in iPad 2 to fix both the exploits. Now the only other way to jailbreak iPad 2 is to find another boot level exploit or use some userland exploit (browser based) such as Spirit.

MuscleNerd: This means any early iPad2 jailbreaks will have to be purely userland


Recently a German hacker found an untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3, but we will have to wait and see if this works on iPad 2 or if Apple is going to patch it in the upcoming iOS 4.3.1.

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  1. Hemendra says:

    There are lot of updates / discussion going on for jailbreak & unlock for iphone 4 after ios4.3 release. But I am sure there will be many userslike me who are still having iphone 3GS and stuck on 4.1 or 4.2.1 without a proper unlock( except the one which updates BB to 6.15.0 and locking any further upgrade. Can we expect any jailbreak & unlock solution coming soon in following weeks?? Specially when it was mention by Dev team that they have found many ironic options for 3gs while exploring phone 4 unlock.