iPhone 4 Unlock To Come Out After iOS 4.3 Jailbreak Is Out

iPhone 4 users on baseband 2.10.04 and 3.10.01 who are waiting for the unlock to be released by the Dev Team want to know the exact date. The Dev Team have not yet given any ETA, but they did say that the unlock will be out only after iOS 4.3 is officially released.

We already know that iOS 4.3 Beta and iOS 4.3 Beta 2 were seeded by Apple to iPhone developers, so the final version is not very far from now. Will the Dev Team release the unlock as soon as iOS 4.3 is officially out?

The same question was put forth by one of their Twitter followers:

@sherif_hashim sir, will unlock for i4 unlock be out the same week when iOS 4.3 is out or we have to wait longer ?? Pls reply …

And this is the reply he got from Sherif Hashim:

@umaximus2010 logic to relate this to how rapid will the 4.3 be jailbroken then, right? shouldn’t be long imo

Well, what Sherif Hashim is actually saying is that you can expect the unlock for iPhone 4 after iOS 4.3 is successfully jailbroken, which in his opinion should not take long after it is officially out.


For the unaware, imo stands for ‘In My Opinion’.

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93 Responses

  1. jt says:

    Same story over and over and over again.

    Oh well I’m patient. Any word on when 4.3 is actually going to be released?

  2. tooga says:


  3. MArk says:

    LIE 🙂

  4. iManiak says:

    Я памятаю він обіцяв призивникові, що анлок 2.10.04 вийде 16 січня!

  5. Daniel says:

    Dev-team are getting paid by Apple. They are a**holes. I dont care if they do this “for free”, they are faggots

  6. Trung says:

    ok back to the beginning of the loop again. We will hear something similar to this “oh we are sorry the jailbreak is still not yet finished and Apple is releasing new OS soon so just wait. We promise an unlock will be available ONLY AFTER the jailbreak of the soon-to-be-released OS is done”. We may see the unlock of current versions after Apple releases OS 10000 and iPhone 10.

  7. iPhone mania says:

    God!! Give a break to the dev-team. We have been waiting for months and still no positive results on unlock.

  8. Abhi says:

    Best and most informative part of the above article was explanation of
    Imo = in my opinion

    Useless folks… They dont even realise whole world is waiting for then to release unlocking solution.
    Ofcourse they are nt boind to do that….

    But they have created hopes and now not living up to the expectations 🙁

  9. TonyVu says:

    I figured out the way not to unlock it, but can call from it. I mean if uguys want it works ( is able to make a call), get a AT&T prepaid sim card, buy a simcutter for iphone, then cut it and put it into the sim bars. it works.

  10. sandy says:

    Hi guys…m thinking of giving up iphone4, can’t wait any longer, (Sept 2010), this really caused me to be really disappointed with Apple related products now…esp this iphone4…this is absolutely unacceptable for us as customers of the Apple to spend our hundreds of dollars and end up waiting for half a year and stuck with this locked iphone4. why shouldn’t Apple make iphone4 available to all? cos of the Contract with AT&T and others? what about us as their customers? we do not have any right to use this iphone4 freely even after what we have paid what we have purchased? so unbelievable….

    so disappointed :-(…i know people all around the world…do shares similar views…

  11. MArk says:

    yes is true, they got money from apple, if APPLE think to release iPHONE 5, then APPLE with give green line to release the UNLOCK fro i4

  12. Miriam says:

    @ Sandy
    Well said.. I agree

  13. Dev Who?? says:

    We already know it’s gonna be a load of crap when they do officially release 4.3. They gonna have some lame excuse or bs why that can’t release the unlock!! I don’t think they have s**t anyways!! Anywhoo we’ll have to see what the clowns come up with next!! But must be nice they can walk around with an unlock phone running that baseband!! Sucks for us…We get the s**tty end of the stick once again 🙁

    • jmizzle says:

      I just want the bb 6.15 downgrade!!!! for my iphone 3g. It has been useless since i upgraded in battery mainly and no gps. The battery dies within 5 minutes when prior lasted a day and a half.

  14. KIJ says:

    Words from those girls!!! Can we trust?
    1. after apple releases iOS 4.2
    2. christmas
    3. new year
    4. mid january
    5. after apple releases iOS 4.3
    6. after iOS 4.3 can be jailbroken
    7. what next???

    • jUN says:

      next, whats next ???
      iphone 5 will be out in a mere 4-5 months soo might as well sell your iphone 4 now or elseee>>>>

  15. Bhavya Nagpal says:

    HI Dev Yeam, This is first ever iphone and am dying to use it.Please release the unlock as this is a request from my side.We have faith in you lease relase the unlock as i want to use it before my Birthday before 7th of feb…

  16. Tony says:

    Is this another BS or the real s**t?

  17. Andi says:

    Who cares about any jailbreak for future iOS Versions? Why not concentrate on the current or indeed old versions, that ARE jailbroken? A jailbreak is a great thing to have, but an unlock is essential to even use the phone. So the unlock should take priority. iOS 4.1 with BB 2.10.04 is the most common OS out there, over 3 Milliom Phones worldwide can not be used because they are locked. I do not even count the AT&T phones IN the US, they can at least use a Card, but all the phones that where bought in the US and traveled all over the world do not have this pleasure.
    I know of dozens of phones that where bought for $600, $700 and $800, eg full price and “unlocked” in the States and only on arrival home people found out, that there is no such thing than an unlocked phone in the US.
    It was all a big con.
    Apple gives the unlock for the phones to the so called “devTeam”, mainly not to loose face against AT&T, “the team” did not produce any unlock themselves until now, for iPhone 4 they did not even produce a jailbreak. That was geohots work, only to be “incorporated” in dev Teams “green poison”.
    so, to all the people who stay with the team and saying “they do it for free” and “thanks for there work” I ask: WHAT EXACTLY did they do until now? I mean real, not promises, tweets and spreading hope.
    All iPhones combined before the iPhone 4 are in nearly three years less in number then the iPhone4 in the last 4 month, NONE has been broken, NONE has been opened. So while the devTeam rests on there laurels for iPhone2G and 3G/3GS (and even that was nearly all furnished by Apple) and shines in there glory (with the work of others) they leave the iPhone 4 untouched. You will be waiting AT LEAST until iPhone5 and even then there is a big Question-mark.

  18. MNG says:

    Just sold my Iphone4. Heading for Android now ^^’

  19. MArk says:

    finally i sell my i4, coz i don’t want to wait unlock from lie 🙁

  20. Brasil. says:

    Sold my iphone yesterday. Let’s go to Android.

  21. D3thkl0k says:

    Anyone still waiting on these fools to release an unlock is a damn idiot. They are not even close to having an unlock for 2.10.04 that’s why they are waiting for iOS 4.3 to drop so that they can see if there is a baseband with that software that they can unlock.

    Do what I did and sell your iphone 4 while you can. I took a $100 loss in the price that I sold it for and today I am going to buy myself a factory unlocked version (which I should have done from the start).

    Do not, I repeat, do not wait for Sherif_hashim, MuscleNerd or the dev team to release an unlock any time soon because they do not even have anything close to being finished. They are too prideful to admit that they cannot unlock it.


  22. Waqas says:

    IS it possible to get this unlock by buying it from one of the websites like “http://unlockiphone44.com/”. They charge around 16 pounds and say that they have unlock for all basebands…..has any one tried these ? I am desperate to unlock my iphone 4 4.1 basband 2.10.04…..and dav is just slackers or sukers to be exact.

    • Lansa says:

      If you bought I4 4.1 2.10.04 you cannot unlock buying from the websites. You can unlock if you bought earlier bb and saved shsh and then upgraded to 4.1.
      The procedure they sell is to jb and then downgrade bb, which obviously you cannot make without the saved shsh.
      I did buy in one of the websites for $9.90 and got a refund!! but I would not advise doing so because you may lose time and a very big possibility of also money.

  23. gene says:

    Yeah honestly f**K the dev team. I mean i bought the iphone 4 in setember and i was soo fed up. I just sold mines and i got a BB torch. i dont kno wat to tell yu guys but ive heard this over and over again. oh unlock is comin after 4.1 then 4.2 now 4.3 for goodness sake. yeah its tru, ther just keeping your hopes up. for all yu guys waiting for the unlock, it sucks…BIG TIME 🙁

  24. Tony says:

    Just sold my Iphone4. Viva El Android. Android is da shiettt!

  25. Nick says:

    It’s BS.

  26. Running out of hope says:

    Hi ….Sheriff Hashim or the Dev team do not seem to answer to the point. If the question is whether the unlock for 2.10 will come immediately after ios 4.3 or we would have to wait even longer ??? he replied that 4.3 needs to be jailbroken first.

    why cannot the dev team or sheriff hashim reply that the unlock is ready and working !!!!!!!!!!!!! We are not askin for the D-day. Atleast we can be sure that there is an unlock… so that we can see if we have to sell off our dear iphones.

    Appreciation is always there for these gifted individuals, but a confirmation from them is not gonna hurt.

    • Andi says:

      @running out of time:
      you will never get any confirmation, there is no and there will never be any unlock.Those guys just amuse themselves by lying and spreading false hopes.

  27. Syed Khawar says:

    Hi Everybody,
    very funny comments I read and enjoyed a lot, I am with you guys waiting for this bloody unlock since October last year searching internet and using an old damn phone, I feel Dev-team is buying time only.

  28. vijay says:

    Apple should understand their customer problems, i brought i phone in oct waiting waiting waiting …………..searching , surfing …….this is too bad from hackers team…if they cant do it atleast they need to be honest in telling it .

  29. Waqas says:

    They should not built an expectation and then dont live up to it…….thats even bad than just saying that do F*** off…we will not gonna deliver any unlock…..so those paying sites are BS? No body ever tried them?

  30. poor ip4 says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzz sir when can we get the unlock for Ip4 bb 2.10.4???
    we are waiting from OCT 2010….plz

  31. Got_Out_While_I_Couild says:

    You’re all screwwwwed! All I can say…never again Apple!

  32. Brasil. says:

    There is space for new hackers, Geohot dont care about iPhone anymore and Sheriff Hashim or the Dev team promise thinks that they cant accomplish (lost credibility).
    Does anybody think that is possible to unlock iPhone 4 bb 2.10.4???

  33. V says:

    Anybody want to sale their iPhone 4 since the unlock will never be released?

  34. windel says:

    Whats your prob guys ??? one of u mean i wait since september ??? i don´t know what u mean ??? I have an Iphone 4 and its all done !!! my questin iss why are u updating all the time ??? save ur shsh´s and then u can do what u want.

    Why don´t u use the Lxxxxxxx-tool ???
    Then my Bless to u all dont make the Work of dev-team bad !!!
    If U can handle make it better. Show some respect for the coders they put hard work on everything.

    If U write the next time please think about my words and cool down.
    Think about that all People of this comunity which have the same prob as u are waiting and praying.
    Dev all hopes are on u. 😉 nice day from windel.

  35. Ahmed says:

    You can do it. Nothing to it. Just keep working. I trust you

  36. Ahmed says:

    How hard can it be? Can we try for our selves is it really hard?

  37. steve1010 says:

    Get a factory unlocked one and shut up.

  38. FU says:

    same story over and over. Promised to release same time with 4.2 and now 4.3. s**t … don’t bother to wait, it’s not going to be done propably until iSO 5

  39. Izzy says:

    My friend unlocked my 3.10.01 for me. He is a programer with a Bachelor’s from Harvard and Master’s from MIT. He wrote his code months ago when 4.2.1 with 3.10.01 first came out last year.

    • chris says:

      can you tell him to post the unlock for us the rest of the millions of iPhone owners with no luck>…

      i think i can speak for everybody.

    • pez says:

      hahahahahahhaha!!! Bachelor’s from Harvard City College and Master’s from Mormon Institute of Theology – playing ya’ll like a fool. ^o^, ivy schools can’t do sh*t!

    • Ahmed says:

      Over a thousand people are waiting for the unlock. If anyone has any information on unlocking it then this is important. We are all waiting 🙂 🙂

      ( ((
      \ =\
      __\_ `-\
      (____)) ( \—-
      (____)) _

  40. Nick says:

    Why not publish the program so everyone can take a advantage of it? I’m it’ll work with BB 02.10.04. If you or your friend decides to public your place at heaven will be ready for you guys…

  41. Waqas says:

    @Izzy……Tell ur harvard friend to step up and be the hero…..there is a gap dev team has left by doing these shyte things…..i wonder there is no other hackers in the market or are they not bothered about iphone 4..???

  42. Nonbeliever says:

    If thats true post a video of it working. Now im not saying stop being a troll and prove it but if its really true it can send a shock to the iphone community and make dev team look like retards. I feel that theyve been giving little hints here and there and people go apeshit and get excited but then in the end, dev team are just stalling. Green poison already released their untethered 4.2.1 jailbreak that works on windows. I dont understand why they cant just release the unlock and then work on a new exploit in the next firmwares. Its been long over due and they should just release it already.

  43. mike jone says:

    baseband 2.10.04 can be unlock, but not in the US. if you go on apple website and look at what country has authorized dealer unlock. Like for example, i remember seeing that canada sell unlock iphone but i dont remember if they have authorized dealer unlock. like in china and vietnam, they have authorized dealer unlock so if you take it to them then they can unlock the phone for good and it will never be lock again no matter what update you do. im going to vietnam in december so even if they dont come out with the unlock, i can still get it unlock. it just suck cause you have to spend money on the plane ticket to get the phone unlock, lol. oh well, im going on a vacation so its two for price of one.

  44. Andi says:

    Dealer unlock only works with phones from that country and that carrier. If you bring an AT&T phone to Vietnam, they can not unlock it.
    I had AT&T phones in Spain and in France, both countries provide carrier unlock, but only for there own phones.

    BB 2.10 and later will never be unlocked, Apple is not giving out the code as it did for the 3G Series. Even the 3GS Unlock is nothing more then a replacement of the baseband with the iPad baseband, with all the problems that includes.

    If ever the unlock for iPhone 4 will be after introduction of iPhone5, with a lot of luck before xmas 2011. But I would not count on it.

  45. Ahmed says:

    Any thoughts about GeoHot or Limesn0w

  46. Waqas says:

    There is no other hacker in the world who can unlock iphone…..that is a shame……seriously….i am not a programmer or hacker…but if i were one…i would be like…wtf….lets do it n throw it in dev teams face….!!!

  47. chris says:

    @Sherif Hashit when the f*&$ is the unlock comming out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????????????????

  48. Joe says:

    Hello everyone… I have iPhone 4 02.10.04 and sometimes when i play music on ipod i can hear a noise on the headphones like u will have a phone call, and i go to settings and the carrier menu appers withuot having a sim card in my iPhone… I made some pictures… What this thing means???? ( by the way i had tried to put a sim card on it when appared the first time and when i put a simcard on it the carrier menu dissapared….) any opinions….??????

  49. Revs says:

    At least can’t dev team give us the unlock for a dollar. We would be happy they would be happy everyone is happy I mean I’m sure most of us would donate 1 dollar for their work.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Im a Apple representative in Cupertino, California and what i have heard my manager say is that T-mobile needs to pay up if they want iPhones on their service & that if they don’t pay up that they will not let any hacker get to the unlocks.

  51. Comex says:

    Unl0ck is 0ut.New ultrasn0w supp0rts all bb.D0wnload it via cydia rep0: repo666.ultrasn0w.com

    • Alberto says:

      I cannot load ultrasn0w from cydia source repo666.ultrasnow.com

    • chris says:

      really!? what is your source,please? is the unlock for the iphone 4 what you are referring about?
      unlocks for iPhone 4 4.2.1 basebands:02.10.04 & 3.10.01?

      please respond

  52. chris says:

    @Comex Can you tell us where to find the software that you are mentioning, also is this unlock for iPhone’s 4 on 4.2.1 BB 3.10.01 and 2.10.04???

  53. Tony says:

    @Comex: YOU ARE SOOO FULL OF S**T! Are you one of Steve Jobs’ b***hes or Sherif Hashim’s?

  54. Martin says:

    It’s another lie!

  55. Miriam says:

    @ Andi
    Hi andi,, can u give me the link plz . Cuz i cant find wat ur talking abt in the apple site

  56. Jason Xie(china) says:

    Dear Brother,pls give us a more accurate date when will the unlock for IOS4.2.1(Baseband 03.10.01)coming out.

    I and many chinese brothers/sisters thank you very much…..
    Waiting so long time….
    Only can use as an i-touch….

  57. Waqas says:

    i think dev team is working with apple…no unlock to come before iphone 5…i guess

  58. Ahmed says:

    When is 2.3 coming out

  59. Nick says:

    Verizon Iphone 4’s unlocked.Already!
    What does this tell you?

    • Andi says:

      There is no such thing then a Verizon unlock. There is no need, as Verizon is the only CDMA Carrier in the World using that system, other CDMA carriers in Asia use other frequencies.
      So please, do not post BS

  60. debchak says:

    tragedy is i got a factory unlocked i4 16gb and i managed it to screw it….!!! irony of life…

  61. Trixie says:

    But guys, can’t you “buy” your unlock? Here in Sweden the phone is locked for a period, but when that period is over, by paing a small sum to the phone company they will “release” it…

    Otherwise I think we have to wait until Job is dead, which shouldn’t take long now…

  62. leehisha says:

    i dont really care when as long as it comes out eventually

  63. Beto says:

    Trixie you want steve jobs to die so u can have your preciuos unlock ? You are disgusting

    • Trixie says:

      Hey… It is like buying a car but it just runs on the gas from certain gas station, or buying a refrigerator but it will only work with power from a certain electricity supplier…

      If it wouldn’t have been for Jailbreak iPhone would’ve never reached the success it is… never ever…

  64. sotheayuth says:

    I just count down the day of official releasing iOS 4.3
    Then count down again with iOS 4.3 jailbreak
    Then count down again with unlocking…

    My iPhone 4!!! Why you never say “Hello” to my ear? will you do this?

    I juz hope i will never do the crzy things for nothing.

    • Andi says:

      Well, you can count for a bit longer. After 4.3 there will be 4.4, after that 5.0 followed by 5.02. That will be by August.
      There might be a jailbreak as well.
      There will be NO unlock. What gave you that idea? Apple is not considering to give any unlock to any “dev-Teams” any more as they did in the past.
      If you need an unlock, buy a factory unlocked phone, there will be nothing for the phone you got.

  65. Achilies says:

    If the dev team releases the unlock now Apple will surely patch the exploit and the dev team to work on the ios 4.3 unlock all over again. So just be patient guys, they have made ppl happy b4 they will do it again. By the any update on the official ios 4.3 release date. ios 4.3 beta 2 is out….

  66. Andi says:

    You are wrong, sorry. The unlock got nothing to do with the OS Version, the BaseBand is independent. Besides, they said that when 4.2 came out and when 4.1 came out. 4.3 will have another BaseBand (4.10) as will 4.4. At the moment the world is still waiting for the unlock of BB 2.10, for 6 month now, the last 3 month we are waiting for the unlock of 3.10. What makes you believe, that when iOS 4.3 with BB 4.10 is out, all over sudden they have an unlock, when even the 6 month old version is still closed?

    The sad truth is, there is no unlock. There never was. How you get the idea that “they” made people happy before, I do not know. They jailbreak, yes, but they never unlocked iPhone4, just talking about it.

    • sotheayuth says:

      Oop!!! IF like Andi said, i would buy an factory unlocked iPhone4 with higher price than what i’m having…
      28th Feb is my birthday, I wish the god gives me this expected gift of unlock bb3.10.01.

      As i am a use i can’t anything beside waiting to hear the good news from Dev Team without choice.

  67. ben says:

    I bought an iphone 4 hoping that i could get it unlocked for like 3 months now. This is starting to pissed me off that im still waiting for it to be unlocked, so that i can actually USE it.

  68. sotheayuth says:

    Better we can get the real answer from Dev Team that you unlock for us or not?

    I just hope as the final chance to wait to this by myself that.
    If this around this iOS 4.3 release then Unlocking come around 1 week, I would say thanks to you guys.

    Otherwise, No more believe, No more believe will from the Locked use will take off the Dev Team Benefit… by wrote unreal answer with more than thousand of people.
    This will show the non-consistence of your Dev Team.

    Hope that other people around would like to release the similar comment to this awaiting release unlocking.


  69. Andi says:

    We have the official answer from the dev-team. They said that the unlock is “nearly ready” in September. Then, they had to wait for 4.2, so that Apple could not patch the precious unlock (BS, as the unlock got nothing to do with the OS) and would be “for sure” released after 4.2. Then we just needed to wait for the jailbreak of 4.2. Then for the untethered jailbreak of 4.2. Now we have to wait for the Release of 4.3 (again BS, see above) but then for the jailbreak of 4.3 ect pp.
    Just to cheer everyone up, there is already a 4.4 Alpha….for sure we will have to wait for that.

    In other words, the dev-Team made it more then clear, on several occasions and over month now, that there will be NO unlock for iPhone4.

  70. chris says:

    Just don’t get why they won’t even show their faces anymore, won’t answer messages it just riduculizes theit effort to bring this unlock, it makes it sound like if they don’t want us to know something. If that is the case…Dev-Team man-up and give us a straight answer we are big boys we can tae a punch….either “YES THE UNLOCK IS COMMING” or “NO THE UNLOCK ITS VERY HARD TO ACCOMPLISHED”

    see how simple that was?!

  71. Tony says:


  72. Dantec1 (twitter) says:

    I just sold my Rogers iphone4 and bought a bell iPhone 4 with bb 3.10.01 . The dealer here in canada said that if I wanted to go outside the country and use another type sim card . I just had to call bell or go on web page and request the phone to b unlocked. Haven’t tried but will soon because I’m picking up trailers in florida and have a H20 sim card to use

  73. abz says:

    Hey devteam why are you stalling this unlock, cant you just tell us if there is one or not so the majority of people sitting here with an expensive ipod can make the desision on to sell it to cut their losses short atleast.

    All the info you have on your webpage is a load of useless bullshit about various updates and bb being exploited so you can change the iphone loading logo or something else that noone gives a shit about.

    Just f***ing tell us if there is an unlock or not cause right now you are looking like complete retards, this is not how the scene should work.

  74. Mike says:

    first iphone i ever bought, will never get to use it, I’m putting it up for sale on ebay Monday. These guys are not hackers, they are paid by apple, apple gives them the codes software and they just said they did it, all one big sale gimmick. Probably nerds that write blogs all day, and don’t even know what programming is. I guess apply finally fooled you about giving you the unlock this time huh?

    I’m getting an HTC, apply and suck it.

  75. Amit Kumar says:

    Waw! feels good to be back on this site and checking upon updates. Glad that there is no movement in status. 3weeks back fed up with all false promises, decided to get a new factory unlocked iphone 4. Belive me guys, I think since that have made a right decision. Peace of mind is more important than money.
    Happy waiting!

  76. Greg Roger says:

    Greg Roger (