Jailbreak iPad 3.2.2 (WiFi, 3G) With GreenPois0n

You can jailbreak iPad 3.2.2, both the WiFi and 3G versions using either Limera1n or GreenPois0n. For the unaware, both these jailbreak tools are based on Geohot’s bootrom exploit which is untethered with Comex’s support. The exploit can also jailbreak iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 4G, 3G on iOS 4.1. A future release for ipt 2G and Apple TV 2G is expected.

Jailbreak iPad 3.2.2 with Limera1n

Here is how you can jailbreak iPad 3.2.2 using Limera1n. Some users who have not succeeded with Limera1n, go on with the below guide to jailbreak your iPad using GreenPois0n.

Jailbreak iPad 3.2.2 using GreenPois0n

1. Download GreenPois0n jailbreak (currently in RC3 and available for Windows and Linux. A Mac OSX version is expected soon. (All download links at bottom).

2. Power off your iPad and connect it to your Computer via USB cable.

3. Launch GreenPois0n and click ‘Prepare to Jailbreak (DFU)’ button.

Let GreenPois0n detect your device.


4. Next follow the onscreen instructions given by GreenPois0n to put your iPad in DFU mode. First press and hold the Sleep button for 2 seconds.


5. CONTINUE holding the Sleep button. Press and hold the Home button for 10 seconds.


6. Now release the Sleep button. But CONTINUE holding the Home button for another 15 seconds.


7. Now you should see the ‘Jailbreak!’ button which means that your device is ready to be jailbroken.


8. Hit the ‘Jailbreak!’ button and let GreenPois0n complete the process by injecting the bootrom exploit.


Do not do anything as long as it shows ‘Jailbreaking…’.

9. Once the jailbreak is done, you should see the inactive button ‘Jailbreak Complete!’. Click on ‘Quit’.


That’s it. After your iPad restarts, you can find the Loader app on your Homescreen. Start this app to install Cydia on your iPad.


Once Cydia is installed you will be asked if you want to remove the Loader from your device. Click ‘Remove’ to remove the Loader. After your iPad restarts, you will find the Cydia icon on your Homescreen. Your iPad WiFi or iPad 3G is now completely jailbroken!

Download Links

Download GreenPois0n For Windows, Mac OSX, Linux

Download iOS 3.2.2 IPSW For iPad

Jailbreak iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS

Follow this step by step guide to jailbreak iOS 4.1 on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS using GreenPois0n, and also how to unlock iPhone 4 after the jailbreak.

Alternatively you can also use Limera1n to jailbreak iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS.

Jailbreak iPod Touch 4G, iTouch 3G

Here is how you can jailbreak iPod Touch 4G, 3G on iOS 4.1 using GreenPois0n.

Alternatively you can also use Limera1n to jailbreak iPod Touch 4G, 3G.

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33 Responses

  1. billy rippe says:

    so, i ve gotma mac and was wondering if i can jailbreak my piad 3.2.2 with a pc and afterwards keep my sincs with my mac as there is no mac version yet? sorry, my englishnis crap

    • dkszone says:

      GreenPois0n for Mac available for download now.

      • Alan says:

        I tried downloading the Mac version, and try numerous times, but unable to jailbreak. Btw, can’t find sleep and home button on the Mac keyboard, how to jailbreak?

        • JoshuaB says:

          The sleep and home buttons are on the iPhone.. Sleep is the top one (power / sleep) and home is the one your press to get..well..um..home

          seriously? Maybe you should rethink this whole jailbreak thing if you are unsure as to what you should be doing..

  2. Mcarga says:

    thx!! i was waiting a long time on this jailbreak, because i f*cked up with Ifile -.- so i had to restore my ipad…
    but now its finally jailbroken again.

  3. SayonaRRa says:

    Apparently it doesnt work with W7, only in compatibility with xp sp2, but my problem is that even on an Xp machine after the jailbreaking finishes ( the bar fills up) ipad turns a blank white screen and then after a while the program says jailbreaking failed try again. Did that numerous times still nada… what gives ?

  4. tomkx says:

    Hi, downloaded GreenPois0n for Linux, but it’s for 32-bit only. Any chance I could get it built for 64-bit, or alternatively get the source code so I can build it myself?

  5. tomkx says:

    On a multilib machine, yeah – mine is pure 64.

  6. Robbo says:

    I’m having the same problem as SayonaRRa, Ive jailbroken my iPad that has firmware 3.2.2 on it but when i’m doing my friedns iPad 3G it always fails, just get the white screen and cant do anything with it. Have you got any ideas as to whats going on with it?


  7. Rob says:

    I’ve jailbroken my ipad 3.2.2, the loader app pops up and starts “loading sources” then stops. Now it’s just a white screen, no “loading sources”, options icon brings up “remove loader.app” but nothing else is going on. The wi-fi sucks here, could that be the problem? Has anyone else had this happen?

  8. Caity says:

    I do not have wifi, how can i use the new Loader application. I says : ” Error Please make sure that you’re connected to the internet before launching loader” is there a way of doing this without using Wi-Fi?

  9. Brian says:

    I am getting a white screen also and it Green Pois0n says “Jailbreak Failed”. Any tips?

  10. kwijy says:

    This jalibreak should be renamed “jailbreak failed”

  11. flo says:

    I was bored so I tired it on my IPod touch 2G (8GB) and it worked 🙂

  12. DJBeSSeR says:

    ipad here, white screen and jailbreak failed, tried numerous times, any suggestions?

  13. Lily says:

    Is there anyway of doing this without wifi becuase i dont have it.

    • dkszone says:

      You don’t need WiFi to jailbreak, but then you may need it if you want to install Cydia using the Loader app.
      In case you don’t have access to WiFi, but still want Cydia on your iPad, then try this:
      Jailbreak iPad 3.2.2 using Sn0wbreeze 2.1.

  14. VinceDee says:

    I have tried to jailbreak my ipad 3.2.2 with greenpois0n, limera1n and sn0wbreeze, and they all failed to do the job. I followed the instructions to a T, and even tried it on a Mac (Hackintosh), WindowsXP, and Windows7 machine….all a nogo (even in “run as administrator” mode). GP just gives me a “jailbreak failed”; LR results in a iPad that is in recovery mode and nothing else (no green logo, either); and SB does nothing…just a blank screen and no update. Obviously many people have succeeded with these programs but I’m certainly not one of them. Any actual answers would be appreciated, but it appears from the comments here that no one actually has answers.

  15. TheSkpetik says:

    Works Like Charm!
    GreenPois0n RC4, Win7, Ipad WiFi 3.2.2 brand new, no shsh.


  16. pyro says:

    My iPad is jailbroken already from over a month ago with greenpois0n, however I want to update my firmware to iOS 4.1, will I need to jailbreak it again? and will I need to reinstall all the apps again?

  17. Amit says:

    I have the exact same question. I jailbroke my ipad 3.2.2 yesterday with greenpois0n RC4 and installed cracked apps after installing appsync from cydia. Its working great. To take advantage of multi-tasking, when I update firmwae to 4.2.1 (which is about to relese soon) –
    1. do I need to jailbrake it again?.
    2. would apps remain there?.
    3. what about cracked apps?.

  18. greenthumb says:

    Hello, having some problem as SayonaRRa, Brian, and Robbo above. Using greenpois0n to jailbreak my iPad (Wifi) with 3.2.2, and end up with the white screen on my iPad and “jailbreak failed” message. I haven’t tried limera1n but I might give that one a go.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

  19. no says:

    i have tried to jailbreak with greenpois0n and limera1n and each time i do not get the loader and it seems everything is fine up until im supposed to do the loader part….any help is appreciated, thanks

  20. KamBho says:


    I’ve just done it!

    Just run greenpois0n in Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode and it should work! iPad 3.2.2! Cheers SayonaRRa!

  21. Taro says:

    Everytime i try to load Cyndia it keeps timing out…please help

  22. Treeboots says:

    Had the same issues with Win7 as others (white screen etc), then tried with XP SP2 compatibility mode. worked like a charm! Thanks!

  23. MyMaria says:

    worked on the 64gb ipad wifi (3.2.2)… thanks!

  24. tom says:

    do both JB untethered?

  25. ImRmZm says:

    Worked on 64Gb ipad+3g+wifi Thanks. It’s really easy!

  26. Jake says:

    greenpoison jailbreak on iphone 4 4.2.1, but at the end I get an error with the loader. please make sure you are connected to the internet before launching loader. I dunno how to get cydia on here now, or what to do since this isnt loading

  27. Jose says:

    Any help i did all the steps and got to jailbreak complete. i hit quit like it said and looked at my ipad. it says now ;
    AppleS5L892XI0PSDI0IopManager::init(): Failed to get AppleS5L8920XARM7M after 730 sec.:::: Any suggestions on what to do for this.?