How To Jailbreak PS3 Firmware 3.55 And Install Packages

Geohot, the iPhone hacker who gave us the Limera1n exploit, has been trying his hand at jailbreaking Sony PlayStation 3 since quite a while. After a recent discovery of exploit by a German team fail0verflow, Geohot has released PS3 root keys on his website

Now Geohot has released PS3 jailbreak for download. By jailbreaking PS3, you can install custom packages on your device.

Note: You cannot install or play pirated games on PS3 after jailbreak.


Jailbreak PS3 On 3.55 Firmware

Here are the steps to jailbreak PS3 on 3.55 using Geohot’s jailbreak tool.

Prepare USB Stick With PS3 Jailbreak

1. Download PS3 Jailbreak and unzip it on your desktop. [Update: Download no longer]

2. Take a USB pen drive and in it’s root create a folder named ‘PS3’.

3. Create another folder inside ‘PS3’ named ‘UPDATE’.

4. Move the PS3UPDAT.PUP file (from the unzipped file you downloaded in Step 1) to ‘UPDATE’ folder on your USB flash drive.

Jailbreak PS3 Using The Prepared USB Stick

5. Now plug this USB into your PS3.

6. Go to the Settings tab on your PS3 dashboard and select ‘System Update’.

7. Then select ‘Update via Storage Media’. It should tell you that it found Version 3.55-jb.

8. Select OK.

9. Next accept the conditions and install the update.

10. Your PS3 will update it’s firmware, beep 4 times, and then shut down.

11. When you power up your PS3 (switch on the console), it will be jailbroken!

How To Install Custom Packages

Jailbreaking is all about installing 3rd party software, that are officially not allowed. PS3 jailbreak too does the same, it lets you install custom packages. Here is how you can do this after jailbreaking.

1. Download Geohot’s test package file. [Update: Download no longer]

2. Once again you need a USB pen drive, so plug it into your Computer and copy the test.pkg file you downloaded in Step 1 into the root of your USB stick.

3. Plug the USB drive into PS3.

4. Navigate to the ‘Game’ tab on your PS3 dashboard and select ‘Install Package Files’.

5. Next choose test.pkg on the USB and let PS3 install the package files.

Note that this is just a test package, and does nothing interesting. Jailbreaking PS3 has opened up the doors, so we need to wait and see what all custom packages are going to be out.

Thanks to StealthBravo for the above jailbreak guide.

Check out this video from Geohot showing the PS3 jailbreak and installing of the test package.

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67 Responses

  1. wacko209 says:

    i cant download the test.pkg file it says its an invalid link

  2. nerohero says:

    ive done all these steps and i am on the 3.55 jailbreak i have the install package files tab but when i copied the pkg files on to the usb it say no installable packages were found please help?

  3. will says:

    Does it work??

  4. jodis says:

    how to u put custom packages on to the ps3

  5. MR SONY says:

    Geohot will have to open up another server so people can download the package file 🙁

  6. adnextis says:

    yes it works, BUT this isnt CFW, its just a jailbreak similar to the psp 6.20 TN-HEN. its allows homebrew, but not all of it. when you go to download homebrew games,apps, etc. check to see if its 3.55 tested

  7. afro says:

    well geohot is getting bagged, $ony is suing him. so he took everything down off his page (at least from what i’ve seen)

  8. Kezz says:

    does this mean there’s no way of getting the test files anymore?

  9. Mehdin_Goon says:

    it got patched please post another one up

  10. Joachim says:

    Can anybody update the test file pleaze?

  11. William says:

    I read somewere that in Japan they are going to bring out a cheat device for PS3 called “codefreak” but they mentioned that it only works on FW 3.41 and below. would it be able to work on the new CFW 3.55 ????

  12. Wagner says:

    Alguém instalou o novo Jailbreak 3.55 no PS3 com FW 3.55 e usou o Jailbreak que é vendido p/ FW 3.41, pelo que eu entendi ele usa um sistema que libera o serviço de terceiro então siguinifica que com esse programa e possível usar o Jailbreak 3.41.

  13. MKS says:

    i found it on a website, but you have to register to download the file.


  14. gathers says:

    right click on the file, click save as link or save target as and it should download the pkg

  15. bhuado says:

    ok i have the the MW2 RedDotCitY patch for challenge lobbys. if i install this package, will it erase the MW2 hack?

  16. killerffm says:

    I downloaded the jailbreak but the Custom Packages are out of date. Is there somewhere else to download the Custom Packages?

  17. Warlorde187 says:

    Where can you download the pkg files from, can see on Modern Warfare 2 that they are out, anyone know?

  18. I23 Kid says:

    seems like the download test.pkg is down check back later for updates

  19. under_score007 says:

    when i install files i get error 80029567,, why is that??
    plz answer 🙁

  20. B_smoked says:

    it doesnt work with me i get error 80029567. i’m looking for a way to dowgrade my ps3 from 3.55 to 3.50 or to 3.42;
    can anyone pls help me?

  21. Jake says:

    I am having the same problem as the dude above (B_Smoked) I have done the jailbreak but when I try to install the Backup manager or any other .pkg file i get the error 80029567 installation failed. Is there a reason why this is happening?

  22. Jim says:

    can u download games to ur hard drive

  23. david says:

    how do u install files do u have to make a folder and put it in that folder or what cause i have a hack and i cant download it but my friend downloaded it on his ps3

  24. 3nduser says:

    dkszone should do a tutorial on how to intall emulators and how to transfer rom files to the ps3 hard drive using the FTP server install package called blackbox, cuz im having truble doing that. i hate having to run my roms from a flash drive cuz i wanna have alot of roms and not just a little bit so that means either buy a biga**flash drive or buy a removable hard drive which is dumb cuz i have a hard drive built into my ps3. thanks

  25. DntBotther says:

    dnt fuking waste ur time if you want to back up games like me it wont let you i have tryed for ages i would pay sum one to hack it so we can back up games it works fine its just badd

  26. jamie says:

    anyone no how to use geohot’s test.pkg once it i downloaded?


  27. ash says:

    dose anyone know where to get a buckup manager for cfw 3.55 on slim please reply asap got work to get to on my ps3’s

  28. jesse says:

    when i put my usb in my playstaison en go to systeemupdate and to storaig media then it says now date is be found

  29. jesse says:

    i cant download the test.pkg file it says its an invalid link

    • dkszone says:

      Both the source files were removed from Geohot’s website. We have mirror downloads. Links updated. You can download now.

  30. Danny says:

    I did all of it but i dont know how to get the packeges?!?

  31. ZELMO says:


  32. JailBroken says:

    It does’t working, do not Install it.

    I did everithing like in the instruction says

    it is updating, 4 beeps
    then it switch-off,
    then I switch it on from the ps3

    go to game section – NOTHING THERE!!! no package install
    now I can’t play online and I can’t download things from ps Store!!

    I tried to reset the system no chance!
    even register a new user.

    DO NOT INSTALL there is no way out!
    Jailbreak is part of Sony marketing Plan!

  33. tommy says:

    if you upgrade your ps3 to a new firmware wath it gonna do

  34. PSN: DamPat says:

    hey bro canu post anothe rlink to download the jailbreak n files?

  35. Mihail DObrescu says:


    I have a PS3 and one morning when i started it up a red screen appeared saying that a critical error has appeared and i should send the console to Sony Service. I understand from google that it is something like Red Screen Of Death. Anything to do with it? Or i can throw it to garbage?
    Thanks a lot and hope to hear from you soon.

  36. RMR says:

    The links are broken…. Someone would try to upload the jailbreak file to rapidshare, megaupload or any files servers…!!!! Thanks….

  37. Coco says:

    Hi, can you post another link to download the jailbreak files…?

  38. Leonhart7413 says:

    Will I be able to play online! Please reply! I heard there’s a version that allows you to play online!

  39. Leonhart7413 says:

    OK I found this FAQ list here “” that reports:

    Do game updates work?
    The information in this section was taken from tests done here “…lbreak_1473364” out of the four games tested, updating only worked on two.

    For some games, game updates already installed must be uninstalled or the backup will fail to load. If you are connected to PSN and load a backup which requires an update, the PS3 will inform you as normal. You can download the update, but may receive an error on trying to install it.

    When loading a backup that requires an update, Backup Manager will give you the option to bypass the update. This will allow you to play the game, but will automatically disconnect you from PSN. Therefore at the moment some games are not updateable and you will not be able to play them online from a backup.

  40. Sam says:

    i cant download the jailbreaker file it says , NO LINK AVAILABLE, can anyone send me the file plzzzzz (

    thank you

  41. islam adel says:

    i can’t see the video plz i don’t know how to hack the ps3,i know the multiman step and how to intsall the game but how can i appear the option install package file ????

  42. Applegmbonani says:

    can someone please send me the 3.55 update please. my email ad is

  43. Hkurt66 says:

    can some1 plz send me 3.55 update my email is

  44. URFriend says:

    i bought my New Ps3 and I am so confused with installing package file,Jailbreaker and all those other staff. Can someone PLZ plz please please HELP  PlZ Please

  45. Rachitjune13 says:

    can somebody tell me how to download games in your jailbroken ps3 using your backup manager

  46. mlysell says:

    Links not working and I’m too lazy to look for it, if anyone cares I’d love if you’d email it to me 

  47. Marioccckc says:

    Please can anyone send me an e-mail with the download link? Thank you!

    My e-mail:

  48. Hmodeezrook says:

    me to pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  49. Hmodeezrook says:

    me to pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  50. why my ps3 cant found it?? i do exactly as it asked

  51. why my ps3 cant found it?? i do exactly as it asked

  52. why my ps3 cant found it?? i do exactly as it asked

  53. disqus_8LtIOQDr8J says:

    send me for version 3.50 and 3.55 at please

  54. disqus_8LtIOQDr8J says:

    send me for version 3.50 and 3.55 at please

  55. disqus_8LtIOQDr8J says:

    send me for version 3.50 and 3.55 at please

  56. DanielKK82 says:

    Can someone email me the 3.55 update as well?

  57. DanielKK82 says:

    Can someone email me the 3.55 update as well?