Make Firefox Load faster with SpeedyFox

Mozilla Firefox has become the most popular browser, due to it’s extensive set of features and also the ever growing number of extensions which make it much more than a simple web browser. Firefox is a fast browser, however upon time you may start noticing that it becomes very sluggish and the load time gets increasingly irritating.

Firefox uses SQLITE databases to store all it’s start up data like settings, history, and cookie handling during browsing. As these profile databases grow larger and become fragmented, they start reducing Firefox’s speed. SpeedyFox is a small and free utility which can optimize Firefox by cleaning up and compacting the profile databases with a single click.

You can run the application on all the profiles that you use by simply choosing the profile from the drop down list and clicking on ‘Speed up my Firefox’. You will have to close all open windows of Firefox before you run this utility. SpeedyFox does not delete any of the data like bookmarks, history, passwords etc. while cleaning up. A portable version of SpeedyFox is also available.

Run the application once in a week or according to your browsing habit’s to make Firefox load faster and also to improve it’s overall speed.

Download SpeedyFox

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  1. nigussie assefa says:

    I prefer fire fox,because it better than others and I use it for personal activities.

  2. manik paul says:

    i like it.

  3. manik paul says:

    glorious things to do.

  4. manik paul says:

    lots of exitment.

  5. Uttam Thakur says:

    I Want Speed Fox

  6. Ghostbuster8119 says:


  1. January 30, 2010

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