NookColor To Get Android Market And Flash Support In April

Here is a biggie for the NookColor owners! NookColor will get official Android Market support which means users can access all the millions of Android Apps that are inaccessible to NookColor till now. This should be as a great gift from the Barnes & Nobles to the Nook Color users.

Till date, the only method of getting access to Android Market Apps is to root NookColor and then install Android Market in it. This is not a simple method and most of the newbies to android wouldn’t like to get their hands dirty.


According to HSN, the official firmware update is expected to be rolled out in April and comes leaked as a “Sneak Peek update! The updates will be automatically available if your device is connected to internet via Wi-Fi. Below are details of the update:

Coming Soon “Sneak Peek” Updates

  • The NOOK Color device comes with 8 apps and more will become available after the April update.
  • HSN will have the “sneak peek” of the new NOOK Color updates, which launches in April
  • The new updates will be sent out automatically if your device in connected to Wi-Fi
  • HSN customers will receive the update first when it’s available

NOOK Apps™

  • Shop the NOOK Store for a wide variety of fun and engaging NOOK Apps
  • Download all types of apps to get even more out of your device
  • Some of the exciting new apps include Angry Birds, Lonely Planet Phrasebook and Drawing Pad

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