How To Open Links To Web Pages In New Tabs In Safari 5

With the newly released Safari 5, you can read online content in a distraction free way, view full screen HTML5 videos, change your default search engine with a click, and soon be able to extend your browser capabilities using secure extensions similar to Firefox or Google Chrome. Apart from all these features, Safari 5 also brings in a minor enhancement: an option for opening all web pages in tabs instead of windows.

Here is how you can enable this option so that whenever you click on any links in a web page, they open in a new tab.

1. Click on the Safari settings icon in the toolbar and select Preferences.


2. Go to the tab titled ‘Tabs’.

3. Click the drop down menu ‘Open pages in tabs instead of windows’ and select ‘Always’ if you want to open all links in new tabs. Instead if you want Safari to choose how to open new web pages based on their design, then choose ‘Automatically’.


4. If you have selected Always, you are asked for confirmation. Click on ‘Always Create Tabs’.


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