Print Documents, Emails From Your iPhone/Android On The Go With Google Cloud Print

Imagine you could open and print emails and documents from your iPhone or Android Phone on the way to office and have all the prints ready waiting when you get into office. That’s exactly what Google’s cloud printing update that Nexus S is going to get in few days.

Currently, Google Cloud Printing supports devices running HTML5 such as phones running Android 2.1+ and iOS 3.0+ and can be configured only by using Windows platform. Support for Mac and Linux is set to arrive soon. We were a bit disappointed that Google has made this service availability only for English speaking users in United States only.

How To Print Documents From iPhone/Android With Cloud Printing

To start printing your emails and documents from your iPhone or Android device, you need to install the latest beta version of Google Chrome browser on your computer.

Download and install latest Google Chrome Beta

Launch Google Chrome and go to Settings—> Options. Then click “Under the Hood” tab. Scroll down and click “Sign into Google Cloud Print” button and login using Gmail account.



Return back to Google Chrome options and click “Manage Print Settings..” button.


All the printers connected to your Windows PC will be listed in the Printers section.


You are ready to go cloud printing now. On your iPhone or Android device, open any email attachment or document and start printing on the go!


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  1. Artales says:

    So, when will this be available in Europe? Anyone?