Beginner’s Tip: How To Redeem iTunes Gift Card And Purchase Music, Apps

Have you received an iTunes gift card from your dear one and want to redeem it in iTunes Store? Well, here is a simple step by step guide explaining how to use your iTunes gift card coupon code to buy music, games, movies, books, and apps from the iTunes Store.

How To Redeem iTunes Gift Card

1. First scratch the back of your iTunes gift card to reveal the code.

2. Once you are signed into your iTunes account, you should see the ‘Redeem’ link under Quick Links at the right. Or you could scroll to the bottom and click on ‘Redeem’ under ‘Manage’ section.



3. In the next screen, enter your iTunes gift card code from Step 1 and click the ‘Redeem’ button.


4. You may be asked to enter your iTunes account password and confirm the Redeem process.

5. If everything went fine, you should see success message, along with the credit value added to your account.


So what are you waiting for? Click on ‘Shop’ to buy all your favorite music and apps.

How To Check Account Balance

The amount left in your account is shown to the left of your account name in the top right of iTunes screen.


Note that you can only redeem an iTunes gift card from the same country’s App Store as it is bought. For instance, if your iTunes gift card was bought in US, then you can redeem it only in US App Store. Which means your account should be that of US, with a US address.

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    how do I use this code do I put in capital letters

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