Root Nook Tablet Permanently [How To]

Android tablets are giving iPad a run for its money. One main reason users go for Android devices is because they can be rooted easily and lots of customizations can be done on them. Recently, Kindle Fire, Amazon’s first Android tablet, has been rooted using SuperOneClick, a single click Rooting tool.


Now, a root for Nook tablet has arrived. Once again, it’s a forum member of XDA that has come up with this rooting method. The rooting process on Windows is quite simple. The method varies for Linux and Mac users. They will have to enter a host of ADB shell commands to complete the rooting.


Stuff You Need:

1. USB drivers for Nook

2. Nook&Zergy Rooting file

3. An app to enable USB debugging on Nook. Download it here.

4. ADB setup on your Computer. If you have not done this already, then read our guide posted here.

Enable ADB Debugging on Nook Tablet

Before you proceed with the root instructions, you should first enable ADB debugging on your device.

1. First allow installation of non-market apps by navigating to Settings –> Applications and selecting ‘Unknown Sources’.

2. Install the app you downloaded from the 3rd link given above.

3. Navigate to Settings –> Development and enable ‘USB Debugging’ checkbox. Uncheck ‘Auto Mount’.

Your Nook tablet is now ready to be used in debugging mode.

How to Root Nook tablet on Windows

1. Connect your Nook tablet to your Computer via USB cable.

2. Extract USB drivers as well as Nook&Zergy zip files you downloaded from links 1 & 2 above to a folder named ‘ntroot’ on your C drive.

3. Double click on ‘runmefirst.bat’ file in ‘ntroot’ folder to run it.

4. This batch file will open up Device Manager on your Computer.

A. If you see a broken device icon for your Nook tablet, right click on it and select ‘update driver’. Then choose ‘Let me specify where the driver is’, browse to C:\ntroot\usbdriver folder and click OK. The drivers will be installed on your PC after you click OK on the unsigned drivers warning screen.

B. If you don’t see a broken icon for your Nook tablet in the Device Manager, this means that some generic drivers have taken over your device. You will have to switch over to a PC that has never had a Nook tablet connected to it and follow the steps given in A above.

5. Now run ‘Nook&Zergy.bat’ file in C:\ntroot folder and follow the onscreen instructions.

That’s it. Your Nook tablet will now be permanently rooted.

How to Root Nook Tablet on Linux or Mac OS X

1. Follow Steps 1 to 3 given above for Windows PC.

2. Now run the following commands from the ‘ntroot’ folder inside Terminal.

adb push zergrush /data/local/zergy
adb shell "chmod 755 /data/local/zergy;cd /data/local/;./zergy"
adb wait-for-device install Superuser.apk
adb remount
adb push su /data/local/tmp/
adb shell cd /data/local/tmp;chmod 777 su;cd /;mount -o remount,rw -t rootfs rootfs /;
adb push su /system/bin/su
adb shell chmod 4755 /system/bin/su

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