How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note and Install CWM Recovery

Samsung Galaxy Note is the latest in the breed of Galaxy devices that have taken the Android market by storm. Galaxy Note is a 5.3 inch Android phone, that tries to bring a phone and a tablet together and fit it into your pocket.

As usual, with all Android devices, Galaxy Note too has been rooted upon its arrival. Below are the instructions to root your Galaxy Note using the ODIN method and install ClockworkMod Recovery on it.


Disclaimer: We, at, are not liable for any damages caused to your device during the rooting process. Using the below described procedure, you will be definitely voiding your warranty. This is because, currently, there is no way to reset the flash counter and hence no way to restore your Galaxy Note to a factory state.

Stuff you need:


2. Netchips CWM recovery kernel

3. Superuser zip file

Make sure you have Galaxy Note drivers installed on your PC. Connect your Galaxy Note to your Computer via USB cable, and the drivers will be automatically installed. Do this twice, once with USB debugging turned off, and then once again with the option turned on.

Recommendation: Take a Nandroid backup of your device to deal with the worst-case scenario. You can skip this step in case you don’t have any important data on your phone.


1. Start ODIN.

2. Click on PDA and select the CWM recovery you downloaded earlier.

3. Make sure ‘Re-partition’ is not checked.

4. Power OFF your Galaxy Note and later put it in Download mode.

You can do this by pressing the VOLUME DOWN and HOME buttons together, and then simultaneously press and hold the POWER button down till you see the warning message.

Now follow the onscreen instructions and put your phone into download mode by pressing the VOLUME UP key.

5. Connect your Galaxy Note to your Computer via USB cable and let ODIN recognize the device.

6. Click Start in ODIN to begin the flashing process.

7. You should see the ‘Pass’ message in ODIN.

8. Next, your device will reboot. Disconnect it from the Computer.

9. Boot your phone into recovery mode. The procedure to do this is the same as described for the Download Mode in Step 4 above, except that instead of VOLUME DOWN button, use VOLUME UP button.

10. Once in ClockworkMod Recovery, navigate to ‘Install zip from sdcard’ option and select the Superuser zip file you earlier downloaded.

11. That’s it. Once Superuser is installed on your device, it will reboot, following which your Galaxy Note will be rooted.

[Via AndroidNZ]

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