How To Set Google As Default Search In Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 surely is going to change the way we think about Microsoft’s capabilities when it comes to developing browsers. For those who are not yet aware of the Beauty of the Web, refer to this article to download IE 9 and also read it’s review.

IE 9 has a two in one address cum search bar that is a part of it’s compact design. Bing is the default search engine in IE 9, but you add other search providers or  change this default search to Google or anything else. Here are the steps to set Google as default search:

1. Click on the Settings icon in the top right, and select ‘Manage add-ons’.


2. In the ‘Manage Add-ons’ window, select ‘Search Providers’ in the left pane. You should now see Bing as the default search engine in the list of search providers in the right pane.

3. Click on ‘Find more search providers’ link in the bottom left.


4. This will open up Microsoft’s Add-ons page for search providers, where you can browse and select any of the search add-ons, including Google, Wikipedia,, Amazon, Yahoo!, ESPN, Facebook Search, Hulu, Lyrics, Photobucket, and so on.

5. You should be able to find Google in the first page itself. Click on ‘Add to Internet Explorer’.


6. When asked ‘Do you want to add this search provider?’, select the check box ‘Make this my default search provider’, and then click ‘Add’. By default Search Suggestions is enabled. If you want to turn off search suggestions then clear the check box ‘Use search suggestions from this provider’.


7. That’s it. Now close the Manage Add-ons dialog and re open it via Settings –> Manage Add-Ons. You should now be able to see Google listed.


Select the check box ‘Prevent programs from suggesting changes to my default search provider’ if you want to keep all those pesky toolbars like Ask toolbar from hijacking your search bar. When it comes to managing add-ons not much has changed since IE 8.

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11 Responses

  1. Hmmm says:

    Mine says Google is NOT available. Next?

  2. 123 456 says:

    Not anymore. Google search add on is not allowed.

  3. Flatproduct says:

    same problem here, you can use google search as an add-on but not in the search bar, FFS microsoft-google sort it out, this bing thing is not my thing

  4. Stanmullen says:

    When I clicked on Find more search providers” I got lots of search providers but Google was not among them.

  5. Kelvinsw says:

    1 simple method to get it done. Use Chrome/Firefox instead…they are faster anyway

  6. Nghi says:

    This is heplful

  7. Uliriaco Beblerenio says:

    Thanks a lot. You made my day. Now on to disabling as much Bong pseudo search engines  as I can

  8. Mlaj says:

    thank you very much for having this knowledge as public, that BONG is nothing but crap
    MS IE wants us to use those unuseful things and tries to make all that crap as mandatory
    i hope MS doesn’t eliminate this link to stop using BONG
    Thanks again!! 🙂

  9. Mlaj says:

    last step
    select search providers
    select BONG (bing)
    click on [delete] button to eliminate this “search provider”

  10. Mlaj says:

    thing is in step 5 that ie never shows GOOGLE as search provider and if you start looking for something related the most you’ll find is “GOOGLE search accelerator”, i think the best solution is to seek below on Wlm Gaytes comment and follow the steps in there
    down with BONG!!