Share Bookmarks From Android To Chrome And Firefox In PC

If you use your Android phone for browsing internet, you got to have plenty of bookmarks in the browser. So how do you sync these bookmarks from your android browser to browser in PC? Here is an free android app that lets you do that.

“Bookmark to Desktop” is a free android app that lets you share bookmarks in your android browser to browser in PC. Currently the app is in beta stage and supports Chrome and Firefox browsers.

To share bookmarks, proceed as follows: [We have tested it on Samsung Galaxy S]

1. On your Android device, go to market place, download and install “Bookmark to Desktop” app. It is available for free.

2. On your PC, you have to install add-on “Bookmark to Desktop”.

For Firefox:

For Chrome:

In our scenario, we have installed “Bookmark to Desktop” add-on to our Firefox browser.

3. On your android phone, launch “Bookmark to Desktop” app. Then you need to create a free account. The account creation is a one step process.


4. On your android device, open Internet Browser and then open your favourite site.


5. Click on Menu button and tap “More”. Tap “Share page” and then “Bookmark To Desktop”.

share_android_bookmarks_PC_3 share_android_bookmarks_PC_4

6. You may edit the title if you want. Then tap “Send” button. The bookmark will be sent to your PC.

share_android_bookmarks_PC_5 share_android_bookmarks_PC_6

7. On the PC, open browser (Firefox in our case), and click “Bookmarks”—> “Bookmark to Desktop”. Then login with the same username and password that you registered in STEP:3.

The link that you shared from your android device should appear here.


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