Create Beautiful PowerPoint Presentations Online with 280 Slides

You suddenly came to know that your client is expecting a Presentation from you. Only equipped with your net book and an internet connection it’s time to look for a good online tool to create professional slideshows. Microsoft Office 2010 Technical preview promised of Web Apps counterparts for it’s suite of applications including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. However this free for all service is currently up only for users from US and Japan.

280 Slides is a free online tool to create quality presentations and share them easily with a few clicks. You can add slides, duplicate them, and change the theme and layout of your presentation any time. Saving presentations requires free registration. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of registering or logging in, you can simply download the presentation (in .pptx format) once you are done with it.

280 slides
With 280 Slides’ Media Browser you can search the web (Google search engine) for images and videos and embed them with a simple drag & drop or double click. Registering gives you the convenience of saving media to a library and accessing it from any future presentations you create. It also saves you time and energy by auto-saving your work every few minutes.

280 Slides comes with most of the basic as well as some advanced features such as importing existing PowerPoint presentations, undo/redo functionality, embedding shapes, adding notes to slides, text and image editing capabilities including bring to foreground/background & opacity features, and Slideshow running. With this free Slideshow maker, you can share presentations easily by E-mailing the document, publishing it to and even embedding the presentation on your website.

Even when Office 2010 Web Apps becomes available to every one across the globe, 280 Slides is definitely worth a try with it’s integrated web search for images/videos and it’s support for themes and layouts.
Start creating high quality presentations online with 280 Slides.

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