Speed Up Games On Windows 7, Vista With Game Fire

Games, especially the 3D ones are very resource intensive, and many times slow down or hang up your PC. In order to speed up game performance, you either have to turn off all unwanted  background processes and features such as Aero, Windows Media Center and other indexing services, etc yourself or use a free utility which does all this to improve game performance at the click of a button.

Game Fire is a small tool which lets you turn off most of unused services and features on your Windows 7 or Vista PC, thus regaining all your PC resources. You get to play a better responsive game by switching to the Game Mode, and when the game is over you can simply revert all the settings with a single click.

Game Fire is from the same manufacturer who earlier gave us a tool to speed up Vista.

1. Download and install Game Fire to speed up games on your PC (link at bottom).

2. Towards the end of the installation,  you will be asked to confirm installation of Smart PC Utilities Community Toolbar. If you are already tired of all those pesky toolbars hijacking your browser, then make sure you click ‘Disagree’ and then ‘Exit Setup’. The toolbar installation starts after Game Fire is installed on your PC.


3. Launch Game Fire from your Start Menu or desktop shortcut. You need to run Game Fire as an administrator.

The interface is pretty simple, with 3 collapsible panels, including System Status which shows up your Computer’s current resource usage with progress bars, a list of all running processes on your system, and a built-in disk defragmenter.


4. When you click on ‘Turn on Gaming Mode’, yu will be asked to first set up a gaming mode profile.

5. Go to Settings –> Gaming Profile. Now select all those features you want to turn off while gaming. They are divided into 4 different sections including Hardware (printers, digital cameras, scanners, tablet PCs), Visual Effects (Aero effects), Windows Functions (file sharing, automatic update, diagnostic services, Windows Media Center, disk defragmenting), and System Security (Windows Firewall, Windows Defender).

Click OK to save the changes.


We strongly recommend you not to turn off any of the System Security features, as this may make you vulnerable to malware attacks in case you are gaming online.

6. Now click Turn on Gaming Mode, and your Windows 7 or Vista PC will immediately switch to classic theme with no visual effects (see below screenshot).

7. There are many good defragmenter tools for improving your hard disk performance. However if you want to quickly defragment only your Games, then you can use Game Fire’s built-in defragmenter. Browse and select the gaming folder, and click Analyze and defrag.


Once you are done gaming, you can restore your Windows to it’s previous state with all the Aero glory by simply clicking ‘Turn off Gaming Mode’. You can find Game Fire in your system tray when you return back from gaming.

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