Speedup Your Android Phone By Managing Startup Apps Using Autorun Manager

It may be your Windows PC, or Mac or even android phone. All these tend to slowdown upon time and may take nearly a minute after booting to start using the device. All credit goes to number of startup programs that gets added without users concise slowing down PC or android phone.

Fortunately, we have ways to control these startup programs. “Autorun Manager” is a free app that lets you manage the startup apps in your android phone. The app has a easy understandable interface using which you can disable startup apps that you don’t wish to autorun while booting. Doing this reduces the startup time of your android phone to a great extent.


To disable unwanted startup apps in your android, download “Autorun Manager” app from Android Market. It is a free app. Search for “Autorun Manager” and choose the one with developer tag as “AndRS Studio”.

You can then easily disable apps that don’t need to autorun during startup. Advanced Mode lets you further go in detail and disable unwanted ones. However use this mode knowing what you are exactly doing. Else your phone may become unstable.

For novice users, we advice to stick to “Basic” mode.

autorun_manager_app_android autorun_manager_app_android_2

Other prominent features include prevention of restarting of your phone automatically by some apps and managing system apps  for expertise users.

Tip: You may further speedup your android device by disabling Media Scanner that runs at startup and eats lot of booting time.

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2 Responses

  1. Mark Powell says:

    Awesome article. Thanks for the very useful app 😉

  2. Phil4 says:

    Check Refine Efficiency Pro:

    – start up manager (root and non root(no guarantee));
    – cache cleaner (root and non root(individually)), no sd card cache support;
    – market history cleaner;
    – task killer;
    – task scheduling.
    Also browser history cleaner.