Stream Photos, Music From Your Android Phone To XBOX 360, PlayStation (PS 3), TV Using iMediaShare

With ever increasing use of DLNA/UPnP compliant media devices, it’s now easy to instantly share media across various media devices. For instance we will now show you how to stream your photos and music stored in your android phone to your XBOX 360, PS3 or any DLNA/UPnP complaint devices.

A handy free android app called “iMediaShare” lets you share Photos and Music To XBOX 360, PlayStation 3. Note that streaming takes place via Wi-Fi network. Hence you need to have Wi-Fi network setup between your Wi-Fi Router and XBOX 360/PS3. Your android device also need to be connected to same WiFi network for successful streaming.

Stream Photos/Music/Video Media From Android Phone To XBOX 360/PlayStation 3

1. Install “iMediaShare” free app on your android phone. Paid version (iMediaShare Premium) let’s you share video.

2. Launch the app. You should see WiFi connectivity. Check “Sharing service is switched ON.


3. Tap “Menu” –> “Settings”. Your android device will become server for streaming media. You can customize Server Name. For example we named it as “dkszone SHARE”. This name will be shown in XBOX 360/PS3/TV. You can also set time interval for slide show.


4. Tap “My Phone” icon and add photos and music for streaming.

stream_media_android_xbox_2 stream_media_android_xbox_3

5. Keep the app running in the android phone. Don’t tap return button as this will stop the iMediaShare service.

6. Switch ON your XBOX 360 or PS3 and make sure its connected to same WiFi network as your android device.

7. Go to “Picture Library” in XBOX 360. Here you will be able to see your android phone’s iMediaShare server. In our case it’s “dkszone SHARE”. Open it.



8. You should be able to see all the photos that you added for sharing in iMediaShare of your android phone.


9. For listening to music, go to “Music Library” from your XBOX 360 and select the android phone. You can directly listen to streamed music on XBOX 360 from android phone.


Got any questions? Feel free to drop a comment below.

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