How To Sync Google Chrome Bookmarks Between Multiple Computers

When you work on more than one PC, it becomes increasingly painful to carry your browser bookmarks each time on a USB flash drive or other medium. There are several good and free bookmark managers that let you easily switch between various browsers. However, you would still need to do installation and such other stuff to get going.  Fortunately Google Chrome has a very handy online synchronization tool.

Google Chrome uses your Google account to store bookmarks online. This way you can synchronize any Computer by logging into your account. Here are the steps to synchronize your bookmarks between multiple PCs in Google Chrome:

1. Go to Tools –> Synchronize my bookmarks…. You will be asked to sign in with your Google account and password.

google-chrome-synchronize-my-bookmarks google-chrome-synchronize-bookmarks-google-account

2. After signing in, Chrome synchronizes your bookmarks to your online Google account (Google Docs to be precise).

Now that your bookmarks are online and accessible from anywhere, you can retrieve the online bookmarks on any other Computer by repeating this procedure.

3. On any other Computer, open Google Chrome and go to Tools –> Synchronize my bookmarks…. Sign in to your Google account using the same Email id that you have earlier used.

4.  You will be presented with a dialog which says “Your existing online bookmarks will be merged with the bookmarks on this machine…”. Click on ‘Merge and sync’ to confirm the request.


5. That’s it. You should see a success message saying ‘Your bookmarks will now be synced between all computers where you have enabled sync’.

Keep in mind that any changes you make to your bookmarks on one machine will be synchronized to all others. This means that if you delete a bookmark on one PC, the bookmark will be automatically deleted from the rest.

In case you only want to do one time synchronization, then go to Tools –> Bookmarks synced… and click on ‘Stop syncing this account’.

Note that Tools –> Synchronize my bookmarks…. becomes Tools –> Bookmarks synced… after synchronization is done and vice versa.


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7 Responses

  1. Marky Htm. says:

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  2. Alene Dunnum says:

    Hello there, I spotted your web site through aol on account that it came up for “computers” but had issues viewing the website for some reason. It was throwing some sort of error code at the bottom of the page. Just guessed I’d let you know.

  3. TechLikes says:

    Great post on sync of Google Chrome bookmarks on multiple computers. With Xmarks this had been very easy. Now its gone, we have to rely on each synchronization. what about cross browser synchronization. For Ie, THERE IS Windows LIve Mesh.. Read that post .

  4. Sandeep says:

    I couldn’t find “Synchronize my bookmarks” option in chrome 8.XXX.

    I am able to sync my chrome bookmars on one computer using my google account, but when I go to my second computer I can’t find any option to get those synced bookmarks. Pls help!!

    • Greg says:

      First you must go to Tools – Options – Personal Stuff – Set Up Sync.

      After that, the “Synchronize my bookmarks” option will appear in the Tools context menu.

      I had the same problem

  5. Sanjib says:

    Thankx a lot!!