Synchronize Subtitles Of Video, Audio Files With Automatic Subtitle Synchronizer

Sometimes you notice while watching a movie that the subtitles are not synchronized with the video/audio. They either come much before or after the scene that they are meant for. Automatic Subtitle Synchronizer is a free tool that lets you synchronize the video/audio file with the subtitles file (.srt).

This small utility has a single window interface. You can drag and drop a video or audio file into the Input, and the subtitles file (.srt) into the Output. You should be able to find this subtitles file in the folder of the downloaded movie.

You can choose to use Audio in 5.1 or the file’s 2nd track before synchronizing the video/audio with subtitles. Automatic Subtitle Synchronizer also has some advanced options for processing of the generated subtitles after synchronization.


Are the subtitles scrolling too fast or too slow? You can customize the separation and duration of the Subtitles with Automatic Subtitle Synchronizer’s advanced options. Options such as custom definition of subtitle lines as longer/shorter, Segments duration, minimal separation between two lines, expansion of short lines etc give you much control over the scrolling subtitles.

This free program works with Windows XP/Vista/7 and requires Microsoft Framework .NET 3.5 SP1 (already included in windows 7)

Download Automatic Subtitle Synchronizer

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