Temp Root for HTC Flyer using Fre3vo [How To Guide]

A couple of weeks back HTC Evo 3D and HTC Sensation have gained temporary root access, thanks to a tool called Fre3vo. With the help of Fre3vo, these two devices could get BusyBox, Super User access, unsigned apps, and so on. Now a developer of XDA has ported this tool for HTC Flyer, thus opening the doors of the Android tablet for the first time.


Note that the temp root does not give you the ability to install custom ROMs or allow for kernel flashing of the device. Furthermore, you will lose the root every time you reboot your Flyer. You can, however, use the temp root to remove bloatware from your device and thus improve its performance.

Disclaimer: The temp root should be applied with a great deal of caution as it may damage your device if you did something wrong with your root rights. The device will be still locked despite attaining the temp root, so you SHOULD NOT tamper with the /system directory. We are not responsible in case you brick your device.

If you still want to go ahead and root your HTC Flyer, then here are the steps:

1. Download the latest version of fre3vo temp root here.

2. You should have Android SDK installed on your Computer. Check out our guide in case you do not.

Furthermore, make sure you have exited HTC Sync or any other tools, which listen on the USB ports.

3. Run the following commands in the adb shell:

adb push fre3vo /data/local/tmp
adb shell chmod 777 /data/local/tmp/fre3vo
adb shell /data/local/tmp/fre3vo -debug -start [exploit address] -end [exploit address]

Replace [exploit address] with the actual value as given below:

HTC Flyer WiFi 16GB: 38126600:a00

HTC Flyer 3G 32GB: 38125e00:1200

Head over to XDA thread to get the latest updates on fre3vo.

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