Test PC Performance Using HeavyLoad

Do you want to know how reliably your PC will work under heavy loads? You can do this by using a good load testing software. HeavyLoad is a free tool for Windows which lets you perform stress tests on your PC to check the reliability of your computer’s CPU, RAM, Hard Disk etc. Apart from testing your PC’s hardware, HeavyLoad also tests the network, Operating System, database servers etc.

HeavyLoad generates an artificial load on selected devices like CPU, memory, hard disk etc by running some intensive programs in an infinite loop. It’s performance monitor gives you an overview of your PC’s usage as a graph. HeavyLoad logs all test results to a file in your computer’s temp folder in case of abrupt termination.

After using HeavyLoad, memory is fragmented heavily and the swap file of your OS could be very large due to working under sever performance. So you should restart your PC after a stress test. In order to do a good stress test, you will need to run HeavyLoad for several hours. Use this software with caution as it may hang up your system during the tests.

HeavyLoad Tool 
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