How To Turn Off Search Suggestions In Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 has a sleek and compact design, packing the address bar and the search bar into one smart bar. Bing is the default search in IE 9 (did you expect anything else?), so you may want to first change the default search to Google or something else. Here is how you can turn off search suggestions, a default setting in Internet Explorer 9.

Disable Search Suggestions In IE 9

1. As you start typing in the address bar, you will see predictions including URLs from History or Favorites, and search suggestions from your chosen search provider.

2. Click on ‘Turn off search suggestions’ link at the bottom. This should do the trick.


Alternatively, you can also turn on or off search suggestions from the Add-ons manager. Click on the Settings icon, and select ‘Manage Add-ons’. Go to the Search Providers tab and select the search provider for which you want to turn off search suggestions.

Click Disable Suggestions in the bottom panel.


Turn On Or Enable Search Suggestions

You will find a link ‘Turn on Search Suggestions’ in the drop down list as you start typing in the address bar. You can also ‘Enable Suggestions’ from the Search Providers tab of the Add-ons Manager.

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