How To Turn Off Set Up Backup Message In Windows 7

If you have bought a brand new Windows 7 PC, or just installed Windows 7 on your old Computer, you may come across an Action Center message ‘Set up backup’. In case you are interested in a doing Windows 7 Backup, you will find this message quite annoying. You can either disable the backup message alone, or turn off all security and maintenance messages of Action center by changing Action Center settings.

Here are the steps to turn off the Set up backup message in Windows 7:

1. Click on the ‘Action Center’ system tray icon and then click ‘Open Action Center’.


2. Under the ‘Maintenance’ section, click on ‘Turn off messages about Windows Backup’.


That’s it. You will no longer see the ‘Set up backup’ message. In case you want to turn this message on some time in future, then click on ‘Turn on messages about Windows Backup’ under the maintenance section. Click on the chevron (upside arrow) besides Maintenance to expand the options. turn_on_back_up_message_windows_7

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    How do I disable the set up IE8 meswage