Undelete for Android: Recover Deleted Files from SD Card, Internal Storage

Similar to those file recovery tools that you use on your Computer to recover intentionally deleted or accidentally lost data, Undelete for Android too lets you recover any files that have been deleted from your device’s internal storage as well as SD card.

Currently available for free, this still-in-Beta app can restore any deleted file that has not been written over. You can restore your photos, videos, music, archives, and even binaries.


Note that this app will work only on rooted devices. Currently, it only supports FAT format. Also, on devices that run on an nVidia Tegra chip, it only supports external SD Card.

Undelete for Android has been tested on several Android devices, including HTC Incredible S, Nexus S, Motorola Xoom, Transformer, HTC Sensation, Samsung Galaxy S I/II, Samsung Galaxy Ace, and HTC Desire.

In order to recover any deleted file, launch the app and select the storage (Internal or SDCard) you want to scan. Later tap on ‘Scan storage’.

Undelete will search for all deleted files on the selected storage and come up with a list. You can search for a specific file in this list, or view a sorted list of files under the ‘Images’, ‘Music’, and ‘Videos’ tabs.


In order to recover a file, simply long press on it and tap ‘Restore’. Your file will be back in the same folder from where it was earlier deleted.

Search for ‘Undelete Beta’ in Android market. Or visit this link from your Android device.

Download Undelete Beta for Android

You can also scan the QR code given below to open the app on your device.


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