How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy Tab Bootloader

Almost all android devices now-a-days come with a protected bootloader to avoid flashing of custom ROMs. There is no exception to Samsung Galaxy Tab. Earlier manufactured Galaxy tabs (with JJ4 version of bootloader) have unlocked bootloader.

Developers are using this exploit to patch the latest Galaxy tabs bootloaders to revert to the older version that leaves your Galaxy tab unlocked for flashing and playing around with custom ROMs.


Disclaimer: Replacing or modifying Bootloaders can be dangerous and may brick your phone. is not liable if you brick your Galaxy tab during the process. Proceed at your own risk. Note that the below process doesn’t support CDMA Galaxy tabs.


Before attempting the instructions of replacing bootloader, you need to have your device rooted. Head to our article on how to root Samsung devices using z4root app. Once you are done, return here and follow the below instructions for unlocking bootloader of Galaxy tab.


1. The patch will be applied by a APK format app. There are two different apps. Make sure you download the one for your device.

Download Bootloader Patch APK format [For Euro / International / Unbranded / AT&T / Rogers / T-Mobile users]

Download Bootloader Patch APK format [Latin (P1000L and P1000N)]

2. After downloading your version of APK app, install it. If you are new to installation of APK, head to our guide on installing APK format (Off-Market) apps on your android device. Other method here.

3. Now launch “Bootloader Patch” app.

4. The status of your Galaxy tab’s Bootloader will be displayed. If your device already has a unlocked bootloader, the status message will be displayed “Bootloaders- YOU ARE SAFE!. Assessment:Can flash anything”. In such scenario, there is no need apply patch. Lucky! “Patch Bootloders” option at the bottom will be greyed out.

If you device is compatible with the patch, and it is locked, then “Patch Bootloders” option will be activated.

5. Tap on “Patch Bootloders”.


Image Credit: XDA Forum

In matter of few seconds, your Galaxy tab will get unlocked. You can then go ahead and start playing around flashing ROMs. Head to developer’s thread to know more about the patch and joining discussion.

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