How to unroot Samsung Galaxy S2 and Restore to Factory State

If you have messed up with your Android device by rooting it, and would like to bring it back to the state it was in when you first bought it, then the only way is to unroot it. Samsung Galaxy S2 users who have earlier installed clockworkmod recovery can now unroot their device and restore it to a factory condition using a flashable unroot, thanks to XDA developer Zedomax.



This unroot method works when the following conditions are met.

1. It only works for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 (SGH-T989) devices.

2. A pre requisite for the unroot procedure to work is that your device should have ClockworkMod Recovery installed on it.

Before you proceed with the below steps, take a back up of all your data, including contacts, photos, documents, etc. By unrooting your device, you will end up losing all data on it.


1. Download to your Computer. This flashable zip file is the unroot solution for your Galaxy S ii.

2. Connect your device to your Computer via USB cable and copy the downloaded zip file to its memory.

3. Now switch off your phone, disconnect it from your PC, and boot it into ClockworkMod Recovery.

For the unaware, you can boot into ClockworkMod Recovery by either pressing Volume up/down keys and Power buttons together, or by using ROM Manager available in Android Market to do the same with a single tap.

4. Once you are in the recovery mode, select the option ‘Wipe data/factory reset’.

5. Next select ‘Install zip from SD Card’.

6. Select ‘Choose zip from SD Card’.

7. Now browse and select the file you earlier transferred to your device from your PC in Step 2.

8. Wait till the unroot ROM file gets installed on your phone.

9. Your phone will automatically reboot and once it is back, you will find it running stock firmware. You will not have root access, as it is now back to its original condition.

Check out the video demonstration put up by its developer.

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