How To Add Additional Clocks In Windows 7

Windows 7 lets you add additional clocks that can display the time in other time zones. This eliminates the need for a separate Clock software which on other hand degrades system performance. By just hovering or clicking on the taskbar clock, it displays the time at other time zones.

You can add up to two clocks and set different time zones in it. Go ahead and follow these simple steps.

1. Click on taskbar clock and then click on “Change date and time settings”.


2. In the “Date and Time” window, click on “Additional Clocks” tab.

3. Check the boxes “Show this clock” and select desired time zone for the clocks. For example we have set Clock 1 to display Eastern Time (US & Canada) and Clock 2 to display Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo time.

Give names to the time zones in the “Enter display name” field. This name will be displayed over the clock.


4. Click “OK”.

That’s it. Now as you hover over the taskbar clock, you can see time at the time zones you have set. Clicking on the time will display 3 clocks including you local time and time at two zones you have set.



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