Windows 8 Transformation Pack For Windows 7

While everybody is busy in getting the taste of the Windows 8 leaked screen-shots and enhanced features such as Disk Cleanup, Advanced Task Manager, Ribbon UI, and Metro Webcam on the Windows 8 7850 leaked build, a guy at Deviantart have gone to a extent of developing a Windows 8 transformation pack for the Windows 7!


The Windows 8 Transformation Pack comes with various Windows 8 skins that transforms the look and feel of your Windows 7 into refreshing new Windows 8 look. The Windows 8 Skin Pack works with both Windows 8 32-Bit and 64-Bit OS. However, the developer of this software recommends it more for 32-Bit systems.

Download Windows 8 Skin Transformation Pack for Windows 7

After downloading, unzip the content, run the executable file, and follow the on-screen instructions to transform your Window 7 to Windows 8. Note that like any other transformation packs, this theme pack too may slow down your computer or may cause crashes. You have been warned!

Once you have applied this theme, you may be interested in applying brand new Windows 8 Wallpapers. Head-over to our article on 20 best Windows 8 Wallpapers.

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